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Commissions Price Sheet.png

As you might have guessed by the all-caps title to this post, commissions are open! In case the image isn’t loading for you/you want more clarification, I’ll explain a bit of this in here:

-BLACK AND WHITE DRAWING: $2 (any colorless drawing with no shading is just two bucks. Neato!)

-BLACK AND WHITE DRAWING WITH SHADING: $3: (for just a dollar more, you can get a black and white drawing with some shadows! Adds some depth and gives my wallet an extra dollar so it’s a cool option)

-COLOR DRAWING: $5 (taste the rainbow for just five bucks! But flat color, no shading. If you want color AND shading, look below this line…)

-COLOR DRAWING WITH SHADING: $8 (taste the full rainbow! Color, shadows, and my wallet gets a full eight bucks! Everyone wins!)


-Payments are by PayPal ONLY, and you’ve gotta pay me first before you get the drawing. It’s not that I don’t trust you (you’re perfect, never change), but I’ve had a few friends get cheated outta payment when they didn’t do this. I promise I’ll deliver!

-To order a commission, email me at:

-The amount of time a commission will take depends on how much you want going on. A simple doodle of one character will take quicker than a group shot, for instance. I’ll give you some kind of estimate after you order, and if I don’t deliver within that timeframe then I died.

-Commissions are completed in the order they’re given. If you order first, you get yours first. If you order sixty-ninth, then you’re extremely cool.

-I won’t draw anything NSFW (dirty pics), fetish-related (although pretty much everything at this point is a fetish so I doubt I’ll catch them all), hate art (something targeted to hurt another person. Didn’t Mr. Rogers teach you any better than that??), or political (I’ve got my beliefs and you’ve got yours. It isn’t entirely fair for me to draw something for a party I like and deny a request to a party I don’t, so nothing political at all).

-You should probably ask for cartoon art. Realistic stuff is far from my strong suit and if you want that it will most likely suck. Sorry.

So, commission away! Remember, email me at:

We’ll set up a request and if it doesn’t break any of the above criteria I’ll send you an invoice. Once you pay, I start drawing!


Thornway’s Got A Website

While I work on my top-secret Baraler project, feel free to check out my other series I’m workin’ on, Thornway, at

There isn’t a set update schedule for it as of now, but stay tuned!


Baraler Schedule/Announcement (Not a Hiatus This Time… Well, Kind Of)

Hey, folks!

As you’ve most likely guessed from the title of this post, there will be a change in Baraler‘s schedule. Before I tell you what exactly that change is, though, I need to very vaguely explain why:

Basically, I’m working on a few big top-secret projects involving Baraler. So I need to dedicate most of the jokes and story ideas I come up with to those, which brings us to the schedule.

Until further notice, Baraler will┬ánot be updating. I am very sorry about this, but fear not: he’ll return once these projects are done! So it’s a kinda-hiatus; the strip won’t update but I’ll be working rigorously with the characters.

Thanks for understanding!

The Last Baraler Apology

I’ve been pretty terrible at keeping Baraler schedules lately.

The problem is I never give myself enough lead time to make the comics, and then I promise I’ll be back on schedule by some point, but then I screw up, and then I promise again, repeat.

This will be the last time I go on hiatus.

I’ll give an exact date later, but until then I give everyone my word— a GOOD word— that Baraler will stay on track until then.

In the meantime, catch up on past comics at:!


Paul Blart: The Blartening FREE DOWNLOAD!

Guess what? I wrote a book.

A FREE book.

Click here to have a free download of Paul Blart Mall Cop 3: The Blartening!


Plot synopsis:

Paul Blart, the omnipotent mall cop with powers greater than mankind can fathom, saves both planet Earth and Barack Obama (played by Adam Sandler) from destruction at the hands of Saddam Hussein’s ghost while trying to cure his crippling depression in this unauthorized parody.


Please don’t sue me, Happy Madison. I have no money.

Maybe I could buy you lunch or something.

Baraler’s Schedule

So you may have noticed that I’ve missed quite a few updates as of late on Baraler. I’ve said multiple times that each brief hiatus would be the last, but lo and behold, another brief hiatus would follow after.

This is because I’ve been pretty swamped as of late.

So I thought: what would be the solution to maintaining a consistent update schedule with zero hiatuses while swamped?

Wait until I’m not swamped anymore, of course. Don’t know why I thought of this sooner.

So, Baraler will return on July 4th. Until then, I’ll be taking advantage of this lead time to draw some comics whenever I’m not busy.

Stay tuned!

What The Hell Is This?

Hey guys, Noah Pasternak here!

If you somehow recognize my name, that may be because you’ve seen my webcomic Baraler.

Anyways, to answer this post title’s question: this blog is for just posting random quick sketches and other stuff like that.

So, stay tuned for posts with actual content!